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Men's Rudraksha Necklaces

Men's Rudraksha Necklaces
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Protection Talisman - Men's Necklace

Apresentamos-lhe o colar mais procurado, o Colar de Proteção. Este poderoso e bonito colar e feito ..

19.00 €

Fatima's Hand Necklace - for men

Fatima's Hand ( also called Hamsa Hand) is perhaps one of the most universally recognized symbols ..

19.00 €

Money & Prosperity Rudra - Men's Necklace

The Smoky Quartz and 5 mukhis Rudraksha brings prosperity, money and general abundance.Corrente..

19.00 €

Protection against negativity and stress - 5 MUKHIS

Benefits of this 5 mukhis Rudraksha:Confers peace of mind and general health and wellbeing. ..

39.00 €

Removal of obstacoles - 2 MUKHIS

This Talisman is activated and blessed to remove all difficulties and obstacols that are preventing ..

49.00 €

Health, Well-being & Purification - 3 MUKHIS

3 mukhis Rudraksha restores oveall health and well-being. Confers freedom from past karmic mistakes...

59.00 €

Real Love Talisman - 6 MUKHIS

This original 6 mukhis Rudraksha is recomended for:people looking for real love / life partner ..

49.00 €

Concentration, focus and learning - 4 MUKHIS

With this rare 4 mukhis Talisman the wearer gains wisdom and immense knowledge, greater insight, cre..

74.00 €

Financial prosperity, career and good luck - 7 MUKHIS

The 7 mukhis Rudraksha Talisman attracts wealth, abundance, prosperity and success in one’s endeavor..

149.00 €

Spiritual awakening - 9 MUKHIS SOLD OUT

Spiritual awakening - 9 MUKHIS

The chakra associated with Nine Mukhi Rudraksha is the Sahasrara Chakra or the Crown Chakra, located..

290.00 €

Leadership's Talisman - 12 MUKHIS

The wearer of this rare and exclusive Rudraksha is blessed with magnificent radiance and aura of the..

390.00 €