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Japamala against energetic vampires

Japamala against energetic vampires

This powerful Japamala has been created to protect you against energetic vampires. An energetic vampire is a person that is stealing your energy, happiness and joy, a person that is complaining a lot, a drama queen, he or she is unhappy and constantly moaning. Anyone can be an energetic vampire: family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, shop assistants, the person sitting beside you on the bus.

Enegetic vampires cannot sustain their own energy or life force so they feed off others who are at a higher energetic level. A meet up with an energetic vampire, or even a phone call, can leave you feeling stressed out, guilty, sick, unfocused, exhausted, fearful, tired, unhappy or you might even develop a headache.

By wearing this powerful Japamala 108 beads every day you will be able to protect yourself against all types of energetic vampires.

This Japamala is shipped blessed, activated and ready to use.

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The crystals, Rudrakshas and thread can be negatively affected by liquids or moisture.

Store your Rudra Love bracelets in a safe, dry place when not wearing them.

Remove your Rudra Love bracelet before you shower or before undertaking any work such as: gym workout, house cleaning or swimming.

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Rudraksha is the Magic Bead that helps its wearer have a Successful Life. Rudraksha beads are worn worldwide for Good Luck, Protection, Good Fortune, Prosperity, Well-being and for Professional Success. It has even been scientifically proved that Rudraksha has many health benefits. Only by wearing Rudraksha, people get rid of most of their problems and their wishes are fulfilled.


Accept the power of the Universe that comes through Rudrakshas!

Rudraksha is a miracle. And yes, it's real !