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Vibration Collection

Vibration Collection
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Protection Talisman

Black Onyx and 5 mukhis Rudraksha is a great combination that you can use for protection against all..

15.00 €

Lucky Rudra Talisman

If you are looking for a way to reverse your bad luck and attract more Good Luck into your life, the..

17.00 €

Abundance Rudra

The Abundance bracelet brings together 5 mukhis Rudraksha with gorgeous Amazonite to create a powerf..

15.00 €

Health Rudra

The Health Rudraksha brings together the powerful 5 mukhis Rudraksha and Jasper, also named "The Mot..

15.00 €

7 Chakras Healing Rudra

Heal your Chakras to create happiness, improve your longevity and look awesome ! This women's bracel..

19.00 €

Talisman against energetic vampires

This powerful talisman has been created to protect you against energetic vampires. An energetic vamp..

16.00 €

Om Mani Päd Me Hum Rudra

Beautiful and powerful combination of 5 mukhis Rudraksha and black quartz engraved with mantra " Om ..

19.00 €

Attraction Rudra

If you want to enhance your power of attraction, always wear this Talisman with you. Your aura will ..

26.00 €

Anti stress Rudra

The white agate and 5 mukhis Rudraksha combination is reccomended for people who suffer from insomni..

15.00 €

Eternal Youth Talisman

The best combination to look and feel “forever young”: 5 mukhis Rudraksha, Aquamarine and sterling s..

26.00 €

Rudra of Well-being, Balance and Purification

This Talisman is activated and blessed to act like a spiritual balm to your heart and mind, which ha..

26.00 €

Evil Eye Rudra

HandcraftedSterling Silver Evil EyeSterling silver (.925)5 mukhis Genuine Rud..

39.00 €

Love and Marriage Rudra

Introducing Love and Marriage Rudra, made of premium Rudraksha beads and Pink Quartz gems, this Rudr..

16.00 €

Opportunity Talisman

Opportunity Talisman will help you be at the right place at the right time and will show you that th..

19.00 €

Fertility Rudra

Mother Earth has gifted us with many treasures, but there’s one stone that stands out, simply becaus..

15.00 €

Secret of Happiness Talisman

Secret of Happiness Talisman is a great energetic method to promote happiness. The 5 mukhis Rudraks..

19.00 €

Self-confidence Rudra Pre-Order

Self-confidence Rudra

"As soon as you trust Yourself, you will know how to live". This powerful Rudraksha-Amber-Sterling S..

29.00 €

Money & Prosperity Rudra

The Smoky Quartz and 5 mukhis Rudraksha brings prosperity, money and general abundance. Wear this cl..

19.00 €

Motivation & Ambition Talisman

If you feel that your „can't win” / „don't try” attitude is holding you back in reaching your goals,..

21.00 €

Anti Depression Rudra

Anti Depression Rudraksha has the classic Rudra Love look. It is suitable for women who are looking ..

12.00 €

Harmony Talisman

Harmony Talisman is created with 5 mukhis Rudraksha and semiprecious gems. The Crystal Quartz is the..

16.00 €

Dreams come true Talisman

This gorgeous Rudraksha and Turquoise combination posseses the powers to make all your dreams come t..

21.00 €

Fatima's Hand Talisman (.925)

Fatima's Hand ( also called Hamsa Hand) is perhaps one of the most universally recognized symbols of..

19.00 €

Emotional Healing Rudra

Choose this 5 mukhis Rudraksha and Sterling silver (.925) beads combination if you need to manifest ..

21.00 €

Professional Success Rudra

Set yourself up for success! Wear this powerful Rudraksha - Citrine combination to manifest success ..

21.00 €

Love Rudra

A powerful combination of 5 mukhis Rudraksha and bright red knot details, that can improve the roman..

19.00 €

Guardian Angel Rudraksha

Rudraksha and angelite is an ideal combination to connect you with your Guardian Angels, spirit guid..

19.00 €

Karma Rudra

Karma Rudra has been designed to remove the negative karma that cause difficulties in this life. Wea..

29.00 €

AUM Talisman (.925)

Wearing „AUM” sign and 5 mukhis Rudraksha combination brings its wearer harmony, peace and eternal b..

19.00 €


ZEN Rudra

If you are a person who is often anxious, you worry too much or you have negative thoughts, then ZEN..

26.00 €

Personalized Rudra Talisman

You can order your personalized Rudraksha Talisman which will be made specially for you based on you..

85.00 €