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Real Love Talisman - 6 MUKHIS

Real Love Talisman - 6 MUKHIS

This original 6 mukhis Rudraksha is recomended for:

  • people looking for real love / life partner
  • People wanting to improve their love/marriage relationship ( in this case each partners should wear its own 6 mukhis necklace )
  • Those who want to be/feel more attractive and have a youthfull appearance.
  • People who want to fullfill their dreams and desires.

6 mukhis helps its wearer to remove jealousy, anger and prevents heartbreak. 

The 6 mukhis Rudraksha Talisman confers charisma and magnetism so your partner will be attracted only to you.

The Six mukhis Rudraksha is one of the most powerful and auspicious Rudrakshas available in Nature. Because of its immense healing properties, this divine bead is desired the most. 

Bead Size: 14mm - 20mm

Rudraksha type: 6 faces ( mukhis ) 

Sterling silver (.925) chain and elements

Original Rudraksha - Lab tested

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The crystals, Rudrakshas and thread can be negatively affected by liquids or moisture.

Store your Rudra Love bracelets in a safe, dry place when not wearing them.

Remove your Rudra Love bracelet before you shower or before undertaking any work such as: gym workout, house cleaning or swimming.

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Rudraksha is the Magic Bead that helps its wearer have a Successful Life. Rudraksha beads are worn worldwide for Good Luck, Protection, Good Fortune, Prosperity, Well-being and for Professional Success. It has even been scientifically proved that Rudraksha has many health benefits. Only by wearing Rudraksha, people get rid of most of their problems and their wishes are fulfilled.


Accept the power of the Universe that comes through Rudrakshas!

Rudraksha is a miracle. And yes, it's real !