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Chakra Healing

Posted by Erica 03/02/2019 0 Comment(s)

Your body comprises of 7 Chakras which determine the state of your overall health and wellbeing.


The Chakras are energy centers, each of them rotating at specific frequencies and absorbing cosmic energies to vitalise your mind, body and soul.


If any of these chakras get blocked, your organs and areas related to them can develop diseases, thus making you suffer from physical, mental and emotional ailments. It’s not very uncommon that an individual’s Chakra is unbalanced or blocked.  Blockages in your Chakras can be caused by various reasons such as your negative emotions, thoughts, fears and stressful lifestyle. 


How do you heal your Chakras ? 


There are numerous ways using which an individual’s Chakras can be balanced or unblocked. Chakra Sadhana or Chakra Meditation, Yoga, Aroma and Color Therapy and other energy healing techniques are some of the ways which can be used to balance your Chakras. 


But the best and easiest way to balance Chakras is by using Rudraksha beads and Gemstones combinations.


Rudraksha beads emit frequencies and Gemstones radiate colors that resonate with your specific Chakras, which can help you free and clear your Chakras. Chakra healing requires that you bring consciousness and healing to your personal process.


A yoga or bodywork session can stimulate a Chakra to function more robustly. However, the yoga session alone does not heal the limiting belief that supports the dysfunctional energy flow.


Emotional healing, forgiveness and resolution of old traumas liberates our energy if it is accompanied by a reframe of one’s attitude towards life.


However, once energy is flowing in a certain pattern, it tends to continue flowing in that channel even after the emotional healing. For lasting benefits, it is essential that you take a holistic approach. Rudraksha beads are perhaps one of the most widely recognized beads in the world. 

For thousands of years, they’ve been used as an important spiritual tool to protect the wearer’s energy and have been worn extensively through India by Sadhus, Gurus, and ascetics.


Rudraksha Sacred Science has confirmed that each Rudraksha seed is a vital energy generator that supports health.


By strategically selecting certain Rudraksha seeds and wearing them correctly, you can begin to shift the patterns of energy that have resulted in your blocked or unbalanced Chakras. 


Healthy energy flow offers you the best chance for a healthy life.


Simply wearing authentic, hand prepared Rudraksha will steadily enhance your health and vitality as it assists your Chakra system to remain open and flowing. Rudraksha for Chakra Personalization Rudra Love involves the use of Rudraksha beads, semiprecious gemstones, 14kt gold and sterling silver (.925) as well as the correct method of wearing them.


Our talismans are strung together using an expert method to effectively use the gemstones therapeutic powers. With the correct wearing method, Rudraksha and gems resonate with your Chakras thereby balancing them.


Chakra personalization is also recommended:  https://rudralove.es/Chakra-Collection/Personalized-Chakra-Talisman where our expert, based on your date of birth, will analyse and identify in detail what are your blocked chakras.


Based on this, we will strung together the correct Rudraksha, 14kt gold / sterling silver (.925) and gemstones combination for our client.


Once worn the Chakra Personalization, positive results can be experienced in as less as a month time.


When your Chakras are in a state of balance again, you will realize abundance in loving relationships, you will be in touch with your feelings and creativity, you access your Personal Power, you will be able to fully give and receive love, you will be open to express yourself and communicate freely, you will gain an inner understanding of your being and the world that you live in, and you will become connected to your highest self and feel an internal harmony that everyone should have. 


Experience Healing, Empowerment and Success with Rudraksha and Gemstones ! 

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