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Black Onyx and 5 mukhis Rudraksha is a great combination that you can use for protection against all..
15.00 €
Heal your Chakras to create happiness, improve your longevity and look awesome ! This women's bracel..
16.00 €
The Abundance bracelet brings together 5 mukhis Rudraksha with gorgeous Amazonite to create a powerf..
15.00 €
If you are looking for a way to reverse your bad luck and attract more Good Luck into your life, the..
16.00 €
Fatima's Hand ( also called Hamsa Hand) is perhaps one of the most universally recognized symbols of..
17.00 €
HandcraftedSterling Silver Evil EyePremium cord5 mukhis Genuine Rudraksha bead..
12.00 €
This bracelet with red Turkish eye in sterling silver (.925) is one of the most used amulets to prot..
12.00 €
The Hand of Fatima (also called Hamsa's Hand) is perhaps one of the most universally recognized prot..
12.00 €
HandcraftedSterling Silver Evil EyeSterling silver necklace (.925)5 mukhis Genuine Rudraksha beads..
19.00 €
Fatima's Hand ( also called Hamsa Hand) is perhaps one of the most universally recognized symbols ..
19.00 €
Wearing „AUM” sign and 5 mukhis Rudraksha combination brings its wearer harmony, peace and eternal..
19.00 €

The knowledge of the sacred formulas for the correct combinations of healing gemstones and Rudraksha beads is given in the Ancient spiritual texts "Shiv Purana" and "Devi Bhagwatam" and has been learned by Rudra Love from the teachings of the greatest spiritual masters, teachers and scientists: Shirdi Baba, Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Kamal Narayan Seetha and Paramahansa Yogananda. 

The use of these exact formulas is a very important ingredient in the creation of our authentic Rudra Talismans. They make specific channels of divine power or ‘Shakti’ accessible. Once Rudra Love fully activates those channels, it offers you a fully-activated, power object that will quickly incorporate its benefits into your daily life.

Atention! One must never wear wrong combinations because these may create adverse effects for the wearer, including potentially attracting the opposite effects from the ones you desire. This is the reason we highly reccomend you to wear only autentic and activated Rudraksha talismans.


Rudraksha and gemstones, combined, strung together and worn correctly, are not only profoundly healing, but also very beautiful. They work tirelessly in assisting your balance and optimal health.

Powerful meridians flow through your body and support your energy field for optimal health and well-being. When enhanced with the energy of specific stones and sacred metals, you support your divine process. Proper placement on the body connects the Rudraksha with your meridian fields and assists in rapid stabilizing the energy of your Chakra system with your energy body.


We use only 100% natural and authentic Rudraksha and carefully selected gemstones, all of the highest quality and vibrations. There’s a profound difference between the beads that are not activated and what is truly, authentically, spiritually powerful and effective, that is why we ship all talismans blessed, enegetically active and ready to use.


Rudraksha Sacred Science has confirmed that each Rudraksha seed is a vital energy generator and generate a frequency that supports health. By strategically selecting certain Rudraksha seeds, combining them with different gems and wearing them correctly, you can begin to shift the patterns of energy that have resulted in your unbalanced Chakras. Real health begings with Chakra healing, it is not until you have balansed your Chakras that you can change your life from suffering, pain and unsatisfaction to happiness, health and prosperity. Rudraksha beads are carefully paired together with natural gemstones in a unique stringing methodology so that they work in balasing and activating different Chakras.

Healthy energy flow gives you the best chance for a healthy life. Simply wearing authentic hand prepared Rudraksha will steadily enhance your health and vitality as it assists your chakra system to remain open and flowing. Your chakras reflect the state of your health and your consciousness. Chakra healing can begin at many levels and will be enhanced through intelligent use of the energetic tools that lift your vibratory frequency and balance your energy body.